Last Update: 02/8/2011
Can you guys review/preview (insert anime here) for me?
Drop us an email at our contact page and we’ll see what we can do.
Can my voice be heard on the podcast?
If you have an opinion send it to us via our voicemail and if it’s interesting, funny and/or insightful enough we’ll include it on air. You can also send us a mp3 with your comment and we might include it in our show.
When do you release podcasts?
We release a podcast every two weeks usually by Sunday.
I would like to donate, do you guys accept donations?
Thanks for your offer, we started podcasting as a way further explore our love for anime and to share that love with our listeners , not because we wanted to make money. However, user donations have the potential to help us with hosting and equipment costs.
Other ways to support us.
You can link us midnightanimeradio.com , run our promos on your website or podcast.