Saturday, October 13, 2012

After Hours Weekly News

PETA Releases Pokémon Parody Game

     This past Monday, the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), released a Pokémon Black & Blue parody browser game. This comes after the Pokémon Black and White Version 2 came out. I got a chance to play part of the game and it’s pretty ridiculous. The Pokémon trainers use attacks like tail docking, choke collar, and dissections in order to harm the Pokémon. They try to capture them. I’m not sure what kind of Pokémon games PETA have been playing but, Pokémon aren’t mistreated in their games. The browser game’s website also has a few statements regarding its views on the Pokémon video and anime franchise. The statement is as follows:  
The amount of time that Pokémon spend stuffed in Pokéballs is akin to how elephants are chained up in train carts…If PETA existed in Unova, our motto would be: Pokémon are not  ours to use or abuse. They exist for their own reasons. We believe that this is the message that should be sent to children. 
 This isn’t the first time PETA has made a parody game involving other game franchises (including Mario, Cooking Mama, and Super Meat Boy) and it probably won’t be their last.

Six Shows Added to Funimation Fall 2012 Simulcast

     I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty excited about all these new shows coming this fall. FUNimation has finally announced their simulcast schedule and it has a few that I’m looking forward too. The six shows that were added are as follows: 
  • Code Breaker – Premiering Wednesday, Oct 10 @ 10am 
  • Kamisama Kiss – Premiering Wednesday, Oct 10 @ 12noon 
  • Jarmungand Perfect Order – Premiering Thursday, Oct 11 @ 10:30am 
  • Psycho-Pass – Premiering Thursday Oct 11 @ 11:45am 
  • Oniai – Premiering Friday Oct 12 @ 11:30am
  • Robotics; Notes – Premiering Friday Oct 12 @ 11:45am 
The simulcasts are available through the paid FUNimation app or with a subscription to FUNimation EVS. The free app doesn’t allow access to the simulcasts unless a subscription to the EVS service is purchased. I’m super exited for Robotics;Notes and Psycho-Pass! Stay tuned for reviews and more information regarding these awesome new anime!
              Source: FUNimation Simulcast Schedule

Steins;Gate Part Two Blu-ray/DVD Release Date

      FUNimation has announced that our Future Gadget Lab Members are coming on December 11, 2012. I don’t want to give out any spoilers for the people that haven’t seen most of the series or are just starting the series but part two really picks up where part one left off. The part two release will also come with Episode 25 (if you have seen the whole series but not this episode you are missing out!). You can pre-order your copy now on Rightstuf, Amazon, or any other leading anime provider.
                 Source:Steins;Gate Part 2 Plus Steins;Gate Info
Here's a short trailer for the Steins;Gate Part 2 release. Warning: There are spoilers in this trailer. 

Crunchyroll Simulcast Lineup for Fall 2012

     Crunchyroll has released most of its new streaming schedule (apparently there’s one more anime that hasn’t been announced). This fall they have seventeen new titles that will premiere this fall and will have thirteen simulcast titles that will continue into fall 2012. The new titles are as follows:
  • ·         Hiiro No Kakera – Sundays @ 10:00am PDT
  • ·         Gintama – Thursdays @ 2:00am PDT
  • ·         Hayate No Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Wednesdays @ 10:00am PDT
  • ·         Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) – Tuesdays @ 11:40pm PDT
  • ·         Ixion Saga DT – Sundays 9:00am PDT
  • ·         My Little Monster – Mondays @ 9:30am PDT
  • ·         Blast Tempest – Thursdays @ 11:00am PDT
  • ·         BTOOOM! – Thursdays @ 6:00pm PDT
  • ·         Magi – Wednesdays @ 9:00am PDT
  • ·         GIRLS und PANZER – Wednesdays @ 7:00pm PDT
  • ·         Medaka Box – Thursdays @ 10:35pm PDT
  • ·         The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – Wednesdays @ 11:00am PDT
  • ·         Teekyu – Sundays @ 5:50am PDT
  • ·         Lychee Light Club – (Time TBA)
  • ·         Aoi Sekai no Chushin de – (Time TBA)
  • ·         Ebiten – Wednesday @ 10:00am PDT
  • ·         TBA (No information has been released yet)

You do need a premium membership in order to watch these anime the same day as they are broadcasted in Japan, but you can also wait a week in order to watch them for free. Stay tuned for more information and reviews on these great titles! For more information please visit Crunchyroll.

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