Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Episode 10/25/12 - I'll Baccano You!

Hello guy's we have another great show for you guys. In this show we discuss the Funimation/ Senti suit and we discuss the Kick Heart kickstarter that you all should support! Here is a link:
kickstarter-production ig's masaaki yuasas's kick-heart
We also have Nick's review Baccano! and I have a interview with Leah Clark leftover from NDK 2012. Sorry, my Fafner review seems to have disappeared. Enjoy!

6 seconds Dashing Discourse

1 minutes 40 seconds Intro

10 minutes 42 seconds News

18 minutes 59 seconds Nick's review of Baccano!

28 minutes 51 seconds Leah Clark's Interview

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