Sunday, November 4, 2012

After Hours Weekly News

Mass Effect Movie toPlay in Six North American Theaters and Blood C Dub Cast Announced

FUNimation has announced that the new Mass Effect: ParagonLost feature will be shown in six cities across North America for only one day(November 29). The six cities are:
  • Anthology Film Archives in New York City
  • 4-Star Theatre in San Francisco
  • Metro Cinema at the Gareau in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Texas Theatre in Dallas
  • Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Downtown Independent in Los Angeles

The first 20 people will receive a free T-shirt. The featurewill be available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 28.

FUNimation also announced Blood-C’s English Dub cast:
  • Saya Kisaragi – Alexis Tipton
  • Tadayoshi Kisaragi – Bill Jenkins
  • Fumito Nanahara – Robert McCollum
  • Nene/Nono Motoe – Lindsay Seidel
  • Shinichiro Tokizane – Scott Freeman
  • Itsuki Tomofusa – Chris Burnett
  • Yuka Amino – Martha Harms
  • Kanako Trutsutori – Lydia Mackay
  • Dog – Todd Haberkorn

The main synopsis of the story in FUNimation’s words:

Horrifying beasts with a hunger for human flesh prey on the citizens of a quiet town. In moonlit twilight, Saya slays the monsters and returns home drenched in blood. As the attacks increase in frequency and intensity, her enemies relay cryptic messages about a broken contract. Limbs are torn from flesh and skulls are crushed and devoured while the huntress struggles with paralyzing visions and gaping holes in her memory. When the humans Saya promised to protect reveal the sickening truth about her role in the violence, she learns her mission isn’t as clear cut as she thought—and her most sadistic foe of all is so close she can taste it.

FUNimation will be releasing the series on Blu-ray/DVD combo January 8.

Hayao Miyazaki NamedPerson of Cultural Merit by the Japanese Government

This week, the Japanese government honored fifteen people asPerson of Culture Merit and Hayao Miyazaki was one of them.  The Person of Cultural Merit Award is thesecond highest cultural honor in Japan; the highest is the Order of Culture. The71-year-old renowned anime director is known for anime movies like My NeighborTotoro, Spirited away, and Princess Mononoke. The award ceremony will be held atHotel Okura Tokyo on November 5th.  

Kuroko’s BasketballAuthor and Other Personnel Have Received Various Threats

Throughout this whole month, the author of Kuroko’sBasketball (Tadatoshi Fujimaki) and other people involved in this anime havebeen threatened with letters, powder, and liquids that could injure or evenkill a person. More than twenty cases have been reported of threat letterscontaining some kind of chemical. According to Tokyo Metropolitan PoliceDepartment, a student at Sophia University found a container with hydrogensulfide liquid in the gym. There was a note attached to the container thatsaid, “I hate Tadatoshi Fujimaki” and “Stop the manga”. Also, there was aKuroko Basketball event that was closed because of “various circumstances”. Ithink it’s because of all these threats that have been following this anime.Police are still investigating this matter and no one has been injured so far.

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